Kind Words

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"For all those getting married, seriously. Look no further. You have found your florist. She's amazing!"

"I loved them with a pure love. A friend of mine asked if I got tired of holding that bouquet all day. I absolutely did not. My photographer had to practically wrench it out of my hands to get more casual pictures. I will tell everyone what a genius you are. Everyone."

"The flowers were incredible:) Thank you so much! Everyone was definitely impressed."

- Kelly

"Thanks so much for the awesome flowers! Everything was so beautiful! Thanks again for such a wonderful job!"
- Janet

"I think it would have been worth every penny and might have even saved us money to have flown you out here to do the flowers."
-Ann from Tallahassee, Florida

"Thank you for everything Courtney sincerly. I was just kinda "eh" about the flowers before our first meeting because I didn't know much about them and it wasn't really something I was terribly interested in but you have made me so excited to see how it all turns out! Thank you for working so hard to make my wedding beautiful!" & "Thanks again for everything. You really helped make mine and Devan's wedding day special."
- Jenni

"I love the variety you use with your arrangments. There are so many stunning growing things out there that are NOT roses, tulips and lilies."
- Julie

"I absolutely LOVED how you did my flowers...especially my bouquet! You did awesome Erika! I wish I could have found a way to freeze it in time so I could always have it so lovely!"

"Your work was truly amazing. You are so talented! Thanks so much! :)"
- Katie

"My flowers were so beautiful! They were the best part of my wedding! Besides marrying my best friend, of course!"

My favorite part of my wedding day, other than marrying my best friend, were my flowers! They were exactly what I wanted. The Fleurist made it so there was at least one thing I did not have to worry about, because they were perfect!
- Aldana

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