About Us

We are artists and flowers are our medium. 

We work and play in the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains; consequentially, our fashionable approach to design is influenced by and centered around the concepts and items that one would find in nature. We strive for unexpected detail and inspired originality in our pieces, believing that our work will produce a smile, warm the heart, and fulfill a quiet desire that had gone unnoticed. Even with several years in the business, we still take every opportunity to become more educated about each aspect of our industry: design, care & handling, business practices, and especially customer service. We truly pride ourselves on our ability to make our customers' dreams come true, whether that's through a single "Get Well" arrangement or the centerpieces for your wedding. If you are interested in collaborating on your vision with us, however big or small, please see our Services page. 

I'm attending Utah Valley University and intend to major in Vocal Performance. I became involved with Floral Design originally through a local flower shop. I continually moved upwards. Although, admittedly, my real style and knowledge of "all things floral" came afterward when I was able to work on my own, or with friends, and experiment. I no longer had guidelines and rules to follow. I could make my own! Some words I would use to define my style would be: organic, "mossy," woodsy.

My Style: I love the opportunity to use feathers, jewels, pearls, fabric, colored wire, and woodsy items like lotus pods, pinecones, and my new love - sponge mushrooms - in my work. I am currently obsessed with playing with visual rhythm, visual weight, and negative space. I love taking inspiration from nature, artwork, and architecture.

My Goals: to establish a clientele of unique, fun people. I aspire to obtain membership in the Utah Professional Florist's Association.

My Life: I have two darling children, Carolina and Jack, and am attending Utah Valley University for a degree in Microbiology.

See my portfolio here!