Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gale Wedding: Orange, Blue, and Ivory

When first approached with the colors "Burnt Orange" and "Navy", I'll admit- I was...hesitant. In the end, we created a lavish autumn assortment with appealing texture.

 Photo: Kristina Curtis Photography (Click on it!)

With a color combination such as navy and orange, the initial reaction in one's head is usually something like "CLASH CLASH CLASH" or "GO BRONCOS!". Usually, color experimentation is half the fun of floristry, but when I see bouquets where they've used orange Gerbera Daisies and Delphinium, I think there are better ways to go about such palettes. 
In this bouquet, I stuck with orange as the base floral color, and just used ribbon to tie in the navy. On the boutonnieres, we wrapped the stems in ivory ribbon and crimped navy boullion wire (I think I'll stick with straight wire next time I wrap, though).  

Now for the ingredients-
As the bride was using little pumpkins, fall-esque pasta and such for her centerpieces, the feel was an autumn one. Orange, red, and yellow. We loved(x3)! using the yellow Mini Callas in here. They really brighten up the look. The Mango Callas sit nestled amongst bunches of red Waxflower and fluffy bits of yellow Solid Aster. I think the Solid Aster adds a wonderful touch of texture, as I said - fluffy! Miss Erika did a wonderful job with those Lily Grass loops, don't you think?

Lead Design: Courtney Senter 
Bridal Party Pieces: Erika Eddington

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Kristin Beaufort said...

Gorgeous! I had no idea you two did flowers! I wish I had, I would have asked you to do my wedding. You girls definitely have taste and talent!