Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fischer Wedding - Our 3rd red and white this year!

I lucked out on this one. 

1) Jenni was a wonderful bride to work with and I'm sad it's over!  
2) She added purple to her red and white floral scheme to keep things spicy. 
3) We used Soutine/Red Intuition Roses - they're striped and I'm a total sucker for them!
4) HUGE thanks to Tacie at T. Wright Photography (click it, yo) for taking these refreshing shots! I forgot my camera, but Tacie was very kind in swiftly handing me a business card with a reassuring "No problem, I can email you the pictures." Whoo...

White Stargazer Lilies, Soutine or Red Intuition Roses, purple Lisianthus, purple Waxflower, red Tulips, white Stock, Italian Ruscus

They had their ceremony and reception in a beautiful location next to a babbling brook up the canyon (the drive up was gorgeous!), so I wanted to capture a romantic, yet slightly wild look with the bouquet. Italian Ruscus did the trick. The couple also opted to have the aisle sprinkled with petals, to add to the romantic backdrop. 

Boutonniere: Soutine Rose, Italian Ruscus, Waxflower

Corsages: Purple Lisianthus, Soutine Rose, Italian Ruscus, purple Waxflower

Now my favorite part....

The centerpieces!

5 red Tulips sculpted inside of a volcano vase with black river rocks, and a few blades of lily grass swirled around the inside.

Several white Stargazer Lily blooms popping out alongside some lily grass and black river rocks. 

Designer: Courtney Demmitt

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I'm glad the bride was such a joy to work with. That always makes it easier