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 Hello again, Fashion Forward Brides!

Is it that time already?

Almost time for fall to make it's debut, which only means one thing! FALL WEDDING TIME! Now, in case you're all wondering what's up and coming in the wedding trends world, let us be the ones to fill you in. There are wonderful things that your florist can do to make your fall wedding everything that you want it to be. Fall and winter are the times to add the gorgeous, natural, and textural details to your flowers.

Things like wheat, berries, bark, twigs, feathers, and other little details can not only make a bouquet interesting but can MAKE the entire look of your wedding (which is important to look for when choosing a florist and deciding a budget).

So let's begin.

Our BIGGEST Fall trends fall in the following colors:


{Ellie Saab FW 2012 - Doo.Ri FW 2012}

Absolutely Fall Fashion's most notable color. Designers are using all over black and strong black accents across the board. Obviously, it would be difficult to find black flowers for your bouquet and most florists would most likely never suggest it - However, it will be the details here that make your wedding. Anemones with black centers are a stunning bouquet by themselves or as an accent or add viburnum berries to add a unique texture.


{Burberry Prorsum FW 2012 - Alexander Wang FW 2012}

Plum and lavender are other colors that always hit very popular during fall and winter. These colors are beautiful by themselves (for example, if you wanted to have your whole bouquet JUST plum or JUST lavender) or paired together.  If you choose, you can do a single plum flower bouquet for a more modern, chic look (like a bouquet of all Schwarzwalder Calla liles) or make a bouquet with lots of different flowers and textures to make it softer and more romantic. 


{Elie Tahari FW 2012 - Altazurra FW 2012}

Blue is a huge color for this fall. Navy, Tiffany Blue, Baby Blue, and Cobalt are all over the runway for fall. This will be another flower you will have difficulty finding lots of. Blue is for the very unique bride. You can always soften the blue's contrast with whites, creams, and even lavenders! You could even add a dash of complimentary color such as orange, red, or yellow to give it a pop. Blue also looks striking in the middle of winter, for you brides planning to wed in December or January! Ask your florist about cool icicle looking textures like Blue Eryngium.


{Doo.Ri FW 2012 - Ellie Saab FW 2012}

We've all been seeing a whole lot of grey this past year in the floral industry. Specifically the Yellow and Grey combination, or the Blush Pink, Light Green, Peach, and Grey Combination  that's been all over Pinterest and Tumblr. It's been pretty much the ENTIRE last year - you might say it's getting a little tired. To keep it fresh this fall, you might keep with a monotone grey to ring in a winter or fall wedding. It looks beautiful combined with white and silvery tones. You might ask your florist to add some sage-y greens in there as well! Maybe add some earthy herbs to it!


{Burberry Prorsum FW 2012 - Band Of Outsiders FW 2012}

Taupes and Nudes are for the bride who is all for natural and earthy tones. Those of you who have an outdoor reception or a beautiful A-line lace or chiffon gown would only compliment your wedding more by keeping with a subtle but stunning neutral flower combination (could you imagine how garish it would be to ruin the feel of the wedding with bright obnoxious colors?). Feel free to use all sorts of tones in here. Cream, brown, green, sage, and perhaps some lavender or blush pink to highlight. For example, an Amnesia Rose would look incredible paired with a Quicksand rose.

Well there you go, wedding planners! These are the biggest fall color trends coming your way! Other popular color trends to look out for are your mustard yellows, vibrant burnt oranges, and of course, white bouquets never go out of style!

Interested in knowing more? Contact one of our talented floral designers!

And tune in next spring for the latest in fashion and wedding trends! 

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