Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wimmer Wedding: Yellow, Purple, White, Brown

A merried assortment of brightly hued flora, reminiscent of breezy summer fields - perfect for those relaxed, yet vibrant barn, mountain, or backyard weddings.

For the Bride:

Bursting with vibrance!

How lovely! The Sunflowers aren't allowed to be too commanding, placed with the bold purples of Iris and Fuji Mums. The creamy Vendela Roses lend a touch of tradition, and the Pixie Carnations add some light texture. Solid Aster, Salal, and loops of Bear Grass hint at a mountain valley feel. The stems were wrapped with a sheer, satin finished brown ribbon, held by purple pearlized pins. It was a dreadfully hot August day, and the bouquet held up remarkably!

Lead Design: Courtney Demmitt

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