Monday, November 14, 2011

Ethline & Taki

Ethline and Taki got married on November 4th and it was such a beautiful wedding! Hopefully, I'll have pictorial evidence soon. 
Ethline's colors were ivory, green and tan and she really liked the natural, effortless look. She's also Samoan and so I wanted to add a very slight tropical edge to her flowers.

Boutonnieres: Succulent, Ginestra, Jester Leucodendron. Wrapped in Twine

Groom's Boutonniere: Succulent, Ginestra, Jester Leucodendron, Scabiosa Pod

 Bride's bouquet: Hydrangea, Variegated Pittusporum, Scabiosa Pods, Broomcorn, Green Goddess Calla Lillies, Phalaenopsis Orchids

Centerpieces: Foxtail Fern, Hybrid Delphinium, Curly Willow, Variegated Pittusporum

Head Designer: Erika Eddington

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Laurie M said...

These are INCREDIBLE. They are also SO ETHLINE. I love them.