Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Color Trends 2011

We make it our business to know what's going to be hot this year in fashion, weddings, and of course, flowers! This year is going to be a great year for bright fun colors and the neutral earth tones. Great color combinations and textures, here we come!

Pay attention, future brides, we've got a LOT of colors to cover.

Ladies and Gents, (but mostly ladies).. 
2011's Color Trends!

First and always "in": 

Please notice the how clean it looks. Also notice the hints of green. 
Beautiful, natural, and always in style. :)

Dusty Pinks:

Think soft and feminine. 

Crimson Red:

A very visually striking color and so versatile! 


Here's another very striking color! Not for the faint of heart
Truthfully, some of my favorite flower arrangements have always been
in hues of orange. 

Pale Yellow: 

Very delicate and this color looks good on virtually EVERYONE. 
There is also no end to the things you'll find in this color.

Bright Aqua Blue: 

Another color that looks good on everyone. 

(Not to be confused with)

 There can be a lot of confusion between turquoise and that bright aqua blue
The trick is if you see just a slight tinge of green. 

Navy Blue: 

So dark and rich! 

and last but definitely not least, 
Earth Tones: 

What are "Earth Tones" exactly? Think neutral nude and rosy type 
colors. Browns and camel. Colors that occur naturally. You can also
get away with adding some metallics in there. Bronze & Gold!

There you go, people. 
These are your big wedding and fashion trends 
for this year! 

Love always,

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