Friday, April 30, 2010

"Take 3" the First!

This week, we arranged what Angie coined a "flower date". Which is basically, getting together, buying some flowers, and going nuts. With no stipulations, except in regards to limitation of materials, we were each able to create something very personal! It's wonderful to see how we created things so distinct from the same elements.

As we have more of these sessions, it will be helpful for our customers to choose which designer they would like, as they can see our styles in reference to one another.

Back to the good stuff - yellow/orange Parrot Tulips, orange Ranunculus, hot pink Gladiolus, cream Spray Roses, cream Stock, light pink Ginestra, Bupleurum.

Angie - short and chic!
Those looped glad blades have a clean, au naturale feel. I think they hit up a little bit Asian, too. That Angie, so resourceful!


Erika - Fresh Picked
Erika has a wonderful talent for making things look fresh, free, and without reform. The linear ribbon treatment on the stems restores a little bit of order.

Courtney - Romantic Garden (complete with grazing deer!)
Structure and whimsy! See for yourself...

(Post Antler)

All in all, a good day! 

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Angie. said...

The "antlers" were superb, my dear Courtney. :) I very much enjoyed our date. Heh heh heh.