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Trend Watch: Spring and Summer Weddings!

Attention Fashion Forward Brides!

It is once again my pleasure to write about one of my very favorite subjects in the entire world, Fashion. And something we often forget when planning the happiest day of our lives is what is fresh and new in the world of weddings. If there is one thing that I have come to understand in my years as both a florist and fashionista, it's that brides pay much more attention to trends than they think they do. And everyone wants their wedding to be classic! Here are some ways to stick with classy but still look current.

Fashion for spring and summer this year has got us in our light colors.
Across the board, designers and wedding specialists will agree that the biggest colors this spring and summer are:

Nude/Flesh Tones: 

Think very neutral. A lot of people are generally afraid of this color, thinking it may wash them out. But done right, it becomes elegant and chic with the edge that only comes with simplicity. Unforced and beautiful. Choose things with ivory and beige and champagne. Simple elegance is the goal. 

[alice + olivia s/s 2012 rtw -- christian siriano s/s 2012 rtw]

Blush Pink: 

The softest and truest version of pink. The pink that comes to mind when envisioning Marie Antoinette or your garden tea party. For the true romantic. You might choose loose and feminine flowers. Garden roses, peonies and roses! 

[louis vuitton s/s 2012 rtw -- chanel s/s 2012 rtw ] 

Powder Blue: 

There is something so unexpected about blue bouquets. The bride who chooses blue is definitely an individual. Irises and blue hydrangea along with blue eryngium  make a blue bouquet truly beautiful. Layering dark and light hues will bring dimension and variety. 

[louis vuitton s/s 2012 rtw -- band of outsiders s/s 2012 rtw] 


True white is another color that brides fear. But there is something to be said about using white; and that is that white weddings will never be out of style. It's true! In your photos for years to come, you will enjoy a classic take on your wedding. Lots of texture is great in a white bouquet. Some greens added into it will also give your bouquet dimension and give it the umph it needs. 

[louis vuitton s/s 2012 rtw -- christian siriano s/s 2012 rtw]

Butter Yellow: 

Always a favorite color trend for me. A true yellow can be very pretty but for me, never really strikes me as amazing. But a pastel yellow is so unique and so beautiful. And like the powder blue, butter yellow is the color for a very unique bride. Keep your  bouquet texturally interesting but careful not to go overboard with different flowers as it can become visually overwhelming. 

[louis vuitton s/s 2012 rtw --  badgley mischka s/s 2012 rtw]

Mint Green: 

Mint green is a daring color! Not a color most people will automatically think of when choosing their wedding colors. Green is one of the most dynamic colors for your florist to work with. You can keep it simple or go with lots of texture and different shades of green. Whether you go modern with some structural pieces, keep it mountainy and wild by adding herbs, or whether you stick with one flower, a green bouquet is always a classic but unexpected take. 

[chloe s/s 2012 rtw -- chanel s/s 2012 rtw]

Warm Red: 

Another bold color for a bold bride. This red is not for the faint of heart. An orange-y undertone to the red makes it super vibrant and unmissable. I like to use different reds in bouquets so they include the warm red and some dark blue undertoned red to give it depth and also give the bouquet as much personality and confidence as the bride holding it. 

[alice + olivia s/s 2012 -- christian dior s/s 2012 rtw] 

Those are the big trends for this spring and summer, dearest bridez. These days there are so many ways to keep your bouquet classic while still staying true to yourself and your point of view.
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Then tune in around fall time to catch up on Fall and Winter fashion/wedding trends!

--Angie M. 

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