Thursday, February 10, 2011

For the Men: V-day Flower Facts

Here are the facts on how to get that romantic Valentine's Day arrangement that will melt your lady's heart without having to splurge on a clump of roses.

Fact #1: Roses are overrated.

Besides the fact that roses are three to four times more expensive this time of year, they are predictable and not exciting or surprising. It doesn't take an awful lot of planning to lean into a  cooler and count to twelve. Your woman wants to think that you went through a complicated thought process to pick something that symbolized your love for her (or something equally saccharine). Say "I appreciate your feminine complexities" by giving her her favorite flower rather than the standard holiday handout. Earn some brownie points by selecting a variety like lilies, snapdragon, tulips, and irises, etc. Or, place a few pure white stargazer lilies, orchids, or callas in with some less expensive stems and achieve an exotic, thoughtful look sure to make her girlfriends and coworkers envious. She will feel surprised and flattered while your wallet will feel relieved.

Fact #2: "Valentine's Colors" -- also overrated.

Women are escapists - a trait notable to exploit on this holiday. Thinking outside the color box will give you a better selection of flowers that are more cost efficient. Again, she'd rather receive her favorite than the standard. Mixing oranges and yellows with a bit of red achieves a passionate and fiery look that recalls your woman's dream of an exciting evening salsa dancing or being on a secluded beach in Mexico. For the married crowd, choose flowers in your wedding colors. Mention this when presenting her with the selection and she will absolutely swoon. Memories of the happiest day of her life will come rushing back, evoking affections of honeymoon romance. 

Fact #3: We save you time and money without sparing design and quality.

  • Because we are a small firm, we are flexible. Pick ups and deliveries can be arranged around your schedule instead of having to stand in line for extended periods at a traditional shop. 
  • We custom design every order around your budget and according to your wishes -- rather than leaving you to pick whatever is left over at whatever price when you show up. 
  • We visit our suppliers personally. This gives us much more control over the freshness and quality of our flowers compared to a shop that gets whatever shows up on the truck that morning. 
  • Spend a few minutes on the phone with us, and we take care of the rest. Again, no long lines and no surly associates. We make business as effortless as possible for our customers. 

If you weren't ready to sweep your lover off her feet before, you sure are now. Whether you're celebrating this weekend, Monday, or next weekend, contact us to place an order at We look forward to hearing from you!

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