Monday, May 24, 2010

Kaeli & Tyler Macbeth

A traditional red and white wedding. She chose her main flower to be red and white gerbera daisies with her own bouquet being distinctive flowers from the rest. Courtney and I had the experience of going to the reception center to arrange all of the flowers. We even had enough flowers to make a garland for the arch way that the bride and groom were going to stand under during their reception! Courtney is the garland master!

Here is a picture of the Kaeli's red and white bouquet.
(Pictured: red roses, white enchantment lilies, queen anne's lace, green coffee bean, bear grass)

(Click to enlarge the picture)

Luckily for us at The Fleurist, my husband David was a photographer at the wedding as well so as I may not have pictures of the garland right away, rest assured, pictures will come of how everything turned out. Don't those roses look divine??